Games research and development


The mission of this blog is to document the games that Adam Lizzi and his friends invent, discover, and play, and to serve as an outlet for our gaming research. That is why we are here.

Adam is the inventor of Stairball (rules), Chessball (rules), Influence, the Quarters Game (rules) and many other games which are currently obscure but are destined for worldwide renown and consequently fame and undying glory. He also has stockpiled a relatively large stockpile of board, word, and number games that he considers intellectually deep. Most of his friends have played at least one of them with him at some point.

Nelson Pavlosky was the co-founder of Students for Free Culture, where he promoted cultural participation, creative collaboration, and sharing of information. Nelson has been a fan of Adam’s games since he played in the first Stairball League in Mertz stairwell.